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Find Your Marketing North Star

In marketing, a North Star is a frame of reference that you keep in the back of your mind as you’re creating your marketing materials or developing your brand assets. It keeps you on-brand by inspiring and steering your designs in the right (consistent) direction. So, how exactly do you discover your North Star?

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So. You want to build your brand image library. We’ve introduced you to Canva photos and other amazing free image sources, like Unsplash and Pexel … but now what?! Building a brand image library isn’t as simple as just compiling real estate-related photos – you need to be intentional about your selections to ensure they’re on brand. Here’s 4 tips to keep in mind.

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Follow along as I show you how to edit one photo to fit the feeds of two very different brand styles and create your own presets. Be forewarned – you’ll never look at your Instagram feed the same way again!

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It’s important to have a logo that you can use consistently across your marketing materials and social media, even if it’s just your name. You’ll immediately look more professional, and it’ll help your audience with brand recognition (kinda essential nowadays!).

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Brand imagery is a really important part of conveying your brand style. Think about it: If your brand is all about luxury like, say, Chanel or Rolex, you definitely don’t want to select images that are boho (and vice versa!). But it can be really hard and time consuming to find the perfect image on the spot. The solution? Curating your brand imagery in advance and using Canva to store your library of on-brand photos! (I mean, obviously…)

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Once you have your brand assets hammered out (*gasp* You don’t? What are you waiting for?! Take the Brand Style quiz to get started!), it’s time to put all those pretty visuals into a nice, neat brand board. This is a quick and easy, one-page document you can hand off to anyone who needs an at-a-glance peek into your brand, like photographers, marketers, graphic designs, and especially new team members who might not understand your unique brand aesthetic (yet!). 

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After years of branding countless agents, we realized that there were really just six basic styles that existed amongst them and to simplify the process the Fourth Street Six was born – A collection of six basic brand styles that help define who you are and what your style represents. It’s possible that you don’t fit neatly in one but instead are a mix of a few. I’d describe Fourth Street Creative for example, as Modern mixed with Vintage chic with a splash of rustic thrown in there as well. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your DIY marketing material the Fourth Street Six can help you get clear on what your brand style is once and for all and give a clear path to design success. Because let’s be honest, not everyone has thousands of dollars to fork over to a designer… and I’m here to tell you, the fourth street six has the potential to help you ditch the designer once and for all. Let’s go! 

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