So. You want to build your brand image library. We’ve introduced you to Canva photos and other amazing free image sources, like Unsplash and Pexels … but now what?! Building a brand image library isn’t as simple as just compiling real estate-related photos – you need to be intentional about your selections to ensure they’re on brand. Here’s 4 tips to keep in mind.



Oftentimes, you’ll find a lot of individual photos that you like, but once you compile them you realize that they all have a different tone and feel. Meaning you end up with a brand image library that’s totally mismatched – which is so not the point of a brand image library! In Canva, (and on most stock image websites) you can search for photos by collection or by photographer/artist. Most photographers will have a consistent vibe throughout their work. So, once you find an image you like, you can head to the photographer’s page and find a ton more shots that have the same look and feel. It’s important to have an arsenal of photographers that you admire versus just individual photos because individual photos can lead you astray!



One of the biggest mistakes I see in real estate marketing is a total lack of attention to tone and feeling. You have to understand if your brand identifies as Modern Minimal, Boho, or Soft and Elegant, then ONLY select images that convey that tone and feeling! Every time you come across an image, ask yourself what tone and feeling it’s conveying. If you’re not mindful of this, you’ll end up with a brand that confuses your audience! It can take time to build an on-brand image library, but that’s OK. It’s worth taking the time because a bad image – or one that doesn’t represent your brand – can be worse than no image at all! 



Ahh, stock images, the definition of generic, am I right? Not necessarily! Just because you need a stock image of a smartphone doesn’t mean you need to choose the first one that pops up – you know, the one that EVERY Realtor in your feed has used before. (#CallMe) I URGE you to think outside the box when selecting your brand photos because it helps viewers be more engaged in the visual that you’re serving them. Human beings want to be stimulated visually, and we aren’t stimulated by repetition. Take a moment to think about how you can convey your message (even if it’s not a groundbreaking message!) in a new and interesting way.



We’re throwing you a bone here because this one is super simple – once you see it, you can’t unsee it! Every image inherently has a colour palette, and once you know your brand colours, you simply need to make sure the images you select reflect or complement them. If you head to the Fourth Street Instagram feed, you’ll see our Moody Vintage brand style reflected in the colour palette of every image we post (dark greys, taupe, and lighter greys). Remember that you have access to amazing tools like Lightroom that can help you take an image you love and alter the look and feel to better fit your brand.

These 4 tips will help you achieve a cohesive, on-brand image library chock-full of photos that will build brand recognition with your audience! Not sure what your brand style is? Take our quick and easy quiz below!

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