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Just like a recipe, branding requires the perfect blend of ingredients to achieve a delightful outcome. In the Brand Recipe course, we'll guide you through every step of the process, from sourcing the finest brand elements to mixing them together in a way that makes your business stand out from the crowd.





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This FREE 5-day mini-course is packed with tangible tips and easy-to-consume content that will make learning Canva easy and dare I say, FUN?! Each email contains a video training that will be delivered right to your inbox, no Googling "How to use Canva for Real Estate" ever again!

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word on the street

Best of luck to everyone like me. But one things for sure, have Melanie as a resource for marketing! You’ll never regret it! 

-Julian Covarrubias

Absolutely love the templates. The comparative market analysis template is awesome and I have received so many compliments from potential clients. It enables you to methodically follow a process and looks amazing!!!

-Trish Breen

"I was working harder, not smarter and you made my life a lot easier"

-Janet Bowman

"I learned so much and feel like you elevated my marketing skills. Thank you so much."

-Terry Guaderrama

"You cut through the fog and confidently directed me to what I ACTUALLY needed!"

-Karen Booy

"You explained each step in a clean and clear way. I especially love that instructions on how to create Instagram posts, presentations and even my branded logo!"

-Nancy Vario

"I appreciated the way you only gave what a beginner would need to get started ...thank you for understanding what no one else seemed to."

-Sherri Putt

"Love that you took it slow and basic! Love my new logos!!! Such a great experience!
Great job! Do more!!!"

-Janet Bowman

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