Quick! Name the movie:

“Roads? Where we’re going
we don’t need roads.”



Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’re elbow-deep in real estate content creation, staring at a blinking cursor willing you to write something amazing. “Is there anything left to say about staging?” you wonder.

If you find yourself nodding your head, know that you are NOT alone. This is a huge problem for most solopreneurs and especially for busy realtors who feel pulled in a million directions.

But here’s the thing: creating fresh content doesn’t have to feel like a never-ending battle with your mind that ends in disappointment. It can actually be FUN and rewarding.

So, here’s what’s most likely the missing ingredient in your content creation process: YOU.

Yep, you! Your unique voice, your hilarious stories about that client with the questionable decorating choices, and your passion for helping people win in the real estate game.

So if the struggle feels all too real, let this be your blueprint for finally making content creation the easy and fulfilling process it should be.

Here’s the magic formula:

  1. Hero Content: Forget rehashing the same old stuff your brokerage pumps out. This is your chance to shine! Create a masterpiece, your Mona Lisa of marketing, that’s bursting with your unique voice, stories, and perspective.Think a killer blog post like, “5 Staging Hacks My Stager Swears By (But Never Shares)” or a podcast episode packed with juicy real estate wisdom like, “The One Mistake I Made When I Bought My Home (and How You Can Avoid It)”.The key is to create a piece of content you’d be genuinely proud to showcase in your imaginary “content portfolio.” This isn’t just another blog post – it’s a chance to establish yourself as a real estate rockstar with a fresh perspective. 
  2. Repurpose Like a Pro: Once you have your one piece of Hero content – think newsletter, blog post, or vlog script – it’s time to repurpose it. Think of it like this: You wouldn’t record a chart-topping song and only play it once, would you? You’d release singles, remixes, and even live performances! Repurposing is your chance to do the same thing with your content, serving it up in bite-sized pieces that resonate with your audience across different platforms.


Your Repurposing Toolkit

Standalone Post
Briefly summarize your entire blog post in a single social media post.

Carousel Post
Create a carousel post where each slide highlights a key point from your blog content.

Instagram Reel/TikTok Tip
Extract a single powerful tip and turn it into a standalone video.

Longer Reel
Craft a short video summarizing the takeaways and use snippets from your hero content.

Ways to Repurpose for More Long-Form Content:

  • Create a vlog from a blog post
  • Record a podcast episode
  • Take all points and turn it into a newsletter
  • Use one key point as a helpful tip in one of your newsletters

Ways to Make More with Less:

Identify a Powerful Point
Find a single, impactful tip from your hero content.

Expand on the Concept
Create a whole new blog post/vlog/newsletter etc. focused on that specific concept, giving your audience an in-depth dive.

If your hero content discussed “Five Tips to Stage Your Home,” a deep dive blog post could focus solely on “Why Natural Light Matters When Staging Your Home.”

Remember, consistency is key here. Don’t overwhelm your audience by blasting them with all your content at once. Space them out over time. As you create more Hero content, you’ll have more and more resources to pull from, and content creation will become easier and easier.

Feeling overwhelmed? Planning your content in advance can be a lifesaver! Snag this FREE content calendar for all your content planning. Think of it like a roadmap for your content creation journey. It helps you stay organized, avoid scrambling for ideas at the last minute, and ensures you’re delivering a consistent flow of valuable content to your audience.

Get it HERE!

Excited about this one? Let me know what your biggest takeaway was in the comments.


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