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Create a Video Mockup for your Lead Magnet

“Hey, how do you create those amazing FB ads I see all the time?” This question lands in our DMs at least once a week. It’s usually followed up with: “I love your mockups and am dying to create something similar for my real estate biz.” So of course we thought it was high time to create a tutorial showing you exactly how we put together the stellar mockups we use in our FB ads.

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In a field as competitive as real estate, you need to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other Realtors in your area! One way to do this is to curate your personal brand – beyond the services you offer or the brokerage you’re registered with. Read on if you’re wondering why on earth you’d need a personal brand above and beyond your brokerage or franchise…

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With spring just around the corner, I’m feeling all kinds of renewed energy and motivation. (How ‘bout you?!) Now is a great time to re-emerge from your winter hibernation with new ideas and offerings for your clients – especially since the spring market generally sees the most transactions! Here are a few fresh ideas to get you started…

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As a Realtor, it’s important that you understand this: YOU are a personal brand. Your clients want to work with you not just because of the services you offer but because of who you are! Potential clients will want to connect with you to see if you’re the right fit and if you’re someone they’d want to work with…

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In marketing, a North Star is a frame of reference that you keep in the back of your mind as you’re creating your marketing materials or developing your brand assets. It keeps you on-brand by inspiring and steering your designs in the right (consistent) direction. So, how exactly do you discover your North Star?

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Branding can be overcomplicated by so many designers and marketing companies but really it just comes down to how your ideal audience views your offer. Your brand is what other people think it is. So in order to get crystal clear on where you want to take your brand, it’s a good idea to know where you are, what you don’t like and what your ultimate dream for your brand is. Don’t worry I’ve fine-tuned the process into these 4 questions you can ask yourself before you start looking for a designer to help you rebrand. 

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Most realtors I’ve worked with think they know their ideal client, and their answer is always, always, always the same, “anyone who wants to buy or sell their home.” But “Everyone” can’t be your client, and when you cast too wide a net you end up not catching very many fish, or worse, you end up with fish who make you sick! Meredith Hill said it best when she said, “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” The biggest misconception I hear when it comes to realtors and ideal clients is that if you speak directly to one type, you’ll lose all the rest of potential home buyers and sellers who are agent hunting. First of all, let’s say goodbye to that scarcity mindset please, there’s enough to go around. Secondly, when you speak directly to your ideal client, you’re not only painting yourself as an expert for that “type” but also reaching their network, and appealing to types on the outskirts of who you are addressing. Speaking directly to one person has the potential to create a world of opportunity for you, far more than being all the things to all the people, which is impossible. So how do you find this elusive ideal client? Read on for top ways to do a deep dive and find out exactly who you should be focusing all your marketing efforts on.

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There are so many opinions floating around about millennials these days – from being too lazy and entitled to being too reliant on social media and technology, the reviews are in and millennials have gotten the short end of the rep stick. The truth is you have a lot to offer, you’re social media savvy, understand this brave new world in which we live and can leverage things like video and vlogging which come more naturally to you than your older realtor counterparts. But If you want to compete with agents who have 15 plus years of experience to their credit, with killer negotiating skills and a client list longer than your social following you’re going to have to create a strategy that puts you front and centre and we’re going to show the best strategies to do just that.

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So here’s the rundown, our templates are created in Canva and we make sure to use free features so you don’t need a pro account to get the most out of them. You can edit any and all elements of our designs right in Canva which means you can have killer social posts ready in minutes, and if you are a Canva Newb, don’t worry we got you boo! Every single one of our templates comes with its own video walkthrough so you’re never truly designing alone. 

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Are you still relying on MLS sheets and a charming smile to sell yourself to potential clients?  In today’s visually enriched and tech-based world the savvy seller can jump on Instagram and know exactly what your colleagues are offering, so how do you compete?

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