Crushing The Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Creating Your In-Demand Brand.






A little truth bomb for ya today: most of the hundreds of realtors I’ve worked with have admitted to not feeling like they measure up in one way or another. So I thought it was time to bring a healthy dose of reality to the blog and help you kick those sneaky limiting beliefs that say you’re not enough as you are to rock the world of real estate to the curb. 

Today we’re diving into how you can own your awesome and reframe three of the most common limiting beliefs among realtors that are totally cramping your style and probably preventing you from showing up in a really big way (the way you totally COULD be showing up if you weren’t weighed down by what if’s and if only’s).


No. 01
Embrace Your Inner Freak Flag!

Ever thought you were as exciting as watching paint dry in the real estate industry? It’s time to banish that bogus belief and celebrate what makes you a total badass! Your authentic self is a magnet for success…really! 

Ok, so I know it’s not Christmas yet, but I have to reference this quote from The Family Stone (one of my all-time favourite Christmas movies) where Luke Wilson’s character, who happens to embody that impossibly relaxed, easy-going laissez-fair attitude I’ve been striving for my entire life (but another story for another time) … says this key line to Sarah Jessica Parker’s overly polished, uptight and goal-obsessed character.

“ Here’s the thing, Meredith, you have a freak flag; you just don’t know how to fly it.”

Mic Drop! I love this quote so much and think about it way more than I’ll ever admit to anyone in person, BUT… Luke Wilson’s character tells Meredith that beneath her perfectly coifed, pristine exterior lies a uniquely quirky, endearing woman that’s just afraid to come out and show the world who she really is.


We all have a bit of Meredith in us; I know I could weave more of my Star Trek obsession into my content but hold back because I’m afraid of how it would land (or not land); I know I have a lot of opinions about how realtors are marketing themselves and decide to keep quiet about 90% of them in fear of offending anyone, and a few years ago I wouldn’t even press record on my phone without a full face of makeup and the most impressive flawless face filter you’ve ever seen. 

BUT, I’m working on it. Every single day I work on unscrewing that tight lid and letting little bits of my freak flag fly, and so should you. Why? So you’re audience can get to know the awesome person beneath the perfectly polished facade.

Case in point: this blog post. Since beginning this post, I bet you’ve learned a few things about my inner freak. You know I’m a sci-fi nerd, I love Luke Wilson’s laid-back vibe SOOOOO much, and Christmas movies with mediocre reviews are my jam! Imagine showing up for your audience in the same way, weaving your own stories, favourite movie quotes and experiences into your blog and social media posts you could create the same kind of instant connection with your audience just by opening up and sharing things that matter most to you.

Start small, choose a few things you feel comfortable sharing and weave them into your social media, IG stories or blog posts.  Flaunt your quirks, unleash your true colours, and let your genuine personality rock the stage. You’ll naturally attract the perfect crowd who dig your style, values, and your mind-blowing story. So, toss self-doubt in the trash and step into your superpowers – the world is ready to have their minds blown by the real you.

N0. 02
Start Now, Logo or No Logo

Another BIG one, especially among new realtors, is the feeling of being unprofessional if they haven’t nailed down their aesthetics yet. I’ve worked with countless realtors who approached me for full brand build-outs after operating without any branding for years, and they achieved massive success. But here’s what I really need you to know—like, REALLY know, deep down to your core: Your brand is not your logo; your logo is just the fancy outfit your brand wears.

Sure, a logo can be fancy-pants, but it’s not the holy grail of your adventure. What truly matters is your passion, knowledge, and the awesomeness you bring to the table. Create mind-blowing content, share your expertise like a boss, and genuinely connect with your peeps. My advice remains constant: build your content before you build your logo. Before tinkering with brand identity, figure out who you are and your audience. Spend a year immersing yourself in your industry and values, then focus on creating your brand’s aesthetic.

Remember, your personal brand revolves around YOU, and you’ve got what it takes to shine, logo or no logo!

Embrace Your Unique Journey

Ever felt the pressure to mimic what other successful realtors are doing in hopes of emulating their success? Well, you’re not alone (not even a little bit), but it’s time to kick that idea to the curb and embrace your own unique journey. Your personal brand should shout out YOU—your personality, values, and dreams! Embrace your fabulous path, celebrate your strengths, and let your true colors paint the town red.

The thing is, when you constantly look to what other successful realtors are doing, you miss out on the opportunity to unleash your true self on the playground. Here’s a secret I swear by when helping realtors craft their distinctive brand: Think of your brand like a magazine. Envision the sections you’d love to feature in that magazine—the ones that truly matter to you and light up your soul. Then, show up on social media, your blog, and client meetings with a metaphorical copy of that magazine ready to go!

You have the power to decide how your audience sees you, what you want to share, and what makes your heart sing. Just because Joe Realtor (who suspiciously appears in front of his private jet a little TOO often) shares “5 Tips to Buying Your First Home” doesn’t mean your massive success hinges on sharing the same.

By staying true to your badass self, you’ll effortlessly attract an audience who adores your authentic style and connects with you on a cosmic level. So, say Sayonara to comparisons and get ready to shine like a supernova.

Your personal brand can potentially leave a lasting impact and change lives. So, kick back, embrace your cheeky charm, and let your personal brand dazzle brighter than a disco ball. Get ready for the ride of your life, darling. You’re destined for legendary greatness!


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