With spring just around the corner, I’m feeling all kinds of renewed energy and motivation. (How ‘bout you?!) Now is a great time to re-emerge from your winter hibernation with new ideas and offerings for your clients – especially since the spring market generally sees the most transactions! Here are a few fresh ideas to get you started.


Don’t reinvent the wheel – use one of our CMA templates to give your past buyers a spring market update on their home. This is a great way to keep in touch and add value by letting them know what their home is worth in the current market and making them aware of any new amenities or happenings in their area that may have increased the value of their home! (Like a new dog park perhaps?)

Pro tip: Remember that you can swap out any of the images in our templates – so make sure you choose fresh images that scream spring!


Speaking of fresh images that scream spring, why not give your Instagram a little refresh for the current season? It’s a ton of fun to curate seasonal brand photo libraries, and guess what? You can do this easily (and for free!) using sites like Pexels and Unsplash. When you have an arsenal of photos ready for each season, it’s so much easier (and funner) to create your content!

But be sure you maintain consistency throughout your marketing and don’t get TOO carried away with those pretty spring pastels, especially if they clash with your core branding. (Easter egg pink and a moody vibe don’t quite mix…) Be strategic with how you introduce new elements and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Subtlety is your friend, my friend. 😉


Only a few things are certain in life: death, taxes…and spring cleaning! OK in all seriousness, spring is a great excuse to create a useful freebie for your clients and audience (aka all those dreamy potential clients). This can be super simple, like an Instagram carousel post that outlines your top spring-cleaning tips, or a little more formal like a booklet made in Canva that teaches your clients all about home organization and maintenance. What kinds of things might a first-time homeowner not know to do in the spring to upkeep their home? Think seasonal chores like cleaning out gutters and downspouts (admittedly something that didn’t even occur to me when I moved from a condo to a home!). Remember, this is the type of content that positions you as the expert!


Spring is all about rebirth and re-energization, and when the days get longer and people have more pep in their step, they’re much more likely to help others out – including giving you that well-deserved testimonial!

If you’ve been procrastinating on reaching out to past clients for testimonials, spring is a great time to ask. (Bonus points if you can get a video testimonial!) Make your request convenient for them and offer to drive by their home to film a quick video where you ask them 5 simple questions about their experience working with you. The literal backdrop of spring will make your video look that much more enticing and help potential clients visualize themselves selling in the spring market!


Transition potential clients from social media to your email list by offering a seller guide freebie in exchange for signing up. Simply grab one of our seller templates and make it your own by adding in your logo and other brand elements, then let your audience know that this type of valuable content is available by joining your newsletter community. Make sure you have this snazzy freebie ready and available via a digital link, and you’ll be on your way to becoming the agent people want to work with because – what do ya know?! – you’ve already added value!

And there you have it – 5 spring marketing ideas for your real estate business. Be sure to join our online community, The Design Den, for even more tips and tricks to help you uplevel your marketing!

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