Unpopular Opinion: Ditch the Niche to Find Audience Clarity






This might sound so weird coming from me, the person who built a successful marketing business catering to just realtors (ie. my niche and favourite peeps on the planet!) and to be honest I don’t have anything against niching it’s just such a loaded word amongst my real estate clients.  It’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube behind your back, blindfolded, in five seconds flat! Tricky stuff, right? 

After working with realtors for almost two decades, I’ve realized that obsessing over a niche isn’t the ultimate question or answer. Instead, here’s what you want to do to attract the right people to your business.

No. 01
Hold the Image of Your Favourite Client Front and Center

Go with me on this: Think about your past top three clients who made you feel like a real estate superhero. They lit up your soul, and you loved hanging out with them. They made real estate fun, and they made you feel like the real estate superstar that you are. You couldn’t help but imagine yourself as a modern-day Julie Andrews, skipping through fields and singing on hilltops. Have them in mind? Now, take a deep dive into why you loved working with them. What was it about them? Why did you get along so swimmingly? Jot down everything you can think of. Step one is complete.

No. 02
Use Your Past Client as an Avatar for All Future Marketing

Things get exciting when you’ve got a crystal-clear image of your ideal client. It’s like putting on your favourite pair of jeans—comfortable and totally you. Keep your ideal client in mind while working on your marketing and design. Tailor your messages, visuals, and branding to speak directly to them. Imagine sitting across from them at your favourite coffee shop—how would you describe your current listing? What brand imagery would speak to them? Would they click “like” on your latest social post (and not just a pity-like but a real, “this post is awesome and resonates with me to my core” like)?

Here’s the thing: When you can keep your ideal client front of mind while you’re doing ANYTHING related to attracting new clients, the chances of you attracting similar clients are very high. You become the answer to their prayers, the solution to their problems. And guess what? While your competitors are still fumbling around, trying to figure out whom they want to serve, you’ll be standing tall, attracting the coolest clients to your business because you know exactly who you want to work with—over and over and over again.

Forget the niche frenzy and focus on finding your real estate soulmates. Take a trip down memory lane and remember those clients who made you do a happy dance. Build your ideal client avatar from their characteristics. Market to them with confidence and tailored messaging that screams, “I’ve got what you need!”

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