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3 Ways to Use Fourth Street CMA Templates

Here at Fourth Street Creative, our mission is to create multipurpose tools that help you communicate your professionalism and personality to your clients. That’s right – you can purchase once and benefit many times over with just a bit of creativity (like, a teeny tiny bit!). Here’s 3 different ways you can use a Fourth Street CMA template in your business

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Branding can be overcomplicated by so many designers and marketing companies but really it just comes down to how your ideal audience views your offer. Your brand is what other people think it is. So in order to get crystal clear on where you want to take your brand, it’s a good idea to know where you are, what you don’t like and what your ultimate dream for your brand is. Don’t worry I’ve fine-tuned the process into these 4 questions you can ask yourself before you start looking for a designer to help you rebrand. 

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If you are struggling with Instagram engagement you are not alone my friend. Getting people to engage with your posts whether it’s throwing you a comment, a heart or a save can seem like a losing battle most days. But what if I told you it didn’t have to be that way? What if you stopped viewing Instagram as a way to get business and started seeing it as something else entirely?

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How many times have you taken a look at your feed and thought, “Wow, this does not look the way I want it to,” and worse stumbled upon someone else’s feed and thought, “ I WISH my grid looked this polished!” Now there are a lot of conflicting opinions out there about the efficacy of having a perfectly curated grid, some experts say “yay”, some say “waste of time.” I think we can all agree that if your brand visuals add to the experience of your business then having a grid that represents your brand is definitely important.  You have about 3-5 seconds to impress someone who lands on your profile, and if they don’t like what they see they will be out of there faster than you can say “follow me.” So how do you create a stellar grid that captivates your ideal audience and makes them want to click that follow button? Read on, and consider this your roadmap to creating a designer-worthy Instagram feed for real estate. 

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Are you still on the fence about Canva? If so, then consider this your gentle nudge in the Canva direction because you are seriously missing out if you’re not using Canva for your real estate business. Canva is the perfect place to create designs that you would normally have to spend on a designer, and you get to do them for free in Canva easily and effortlessly. If you still need a little convincing I’ve put together a list of my top five ways you can be using Canva for your real estate business right now. If you want to kick your visuals up ten notches then read on.

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Are you struggling to connect with potential customers online? I get it, I definitely know what it’s like to put hours into creating posts, or marketing material that falls flat. It definitely is a momentum buster and the truth is if you don’t have some consistency with your marketing it will continue to fall flat. So how do you stop throwing things at the wall and hoping they will stick? Try one of these engagement hacks that are tried, tested and true and will get your audience prepped and ready to engage with you.

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The truth is, most of my realtor clients are convinced they are expert multitaskers but according to Psychology Today multitasking is a big fat myth! What we are actually doing when we believe we are effectively juggling multiple tasks is stopping one task and focusing on another, we are never actually effectively doing both tasks. You can read the article here it’s a great eye-opener! The biggest takeaway is this – if you believe you are multitasking you are actually making more mistakes and draining your energy trying to do all the things. If you’re thinking right about now that there’s got to be a better way, you’ve come to the right place because there absolutely is, and it’s called batch working.

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