Are you struggling to connect with potential customers online? I get it, I definitely know what it’s like to put hours into creating posts, or marketing material that falls flat. It definitely is a momentum buster and the truth is if you don’t have some consistency with your marketing it will continue to fall flat. So how do you stop throwing things at the wall and hoping they will stick? Try one of these engagement hacks that are tried, tested and true and will get your audience prepped and ready to engage with you.


I love getting to know people through story. When I read a post on social and the heading reads “Sold in six days over asking” My first instinct is to want to know more, not more about the sale but more about the juicy details behind it. I want to know who bought the home, what they loved about it, what the experience was like… I want to know the story. When you put your next post up on social or send your next email blast, I urge you to take a moment and ask yourself how you can create a connection. Does your seller need to sell because they just had twins and need more space? Did they love the way the sun hit the hardwood floors in their kitchen in the morning? Do you have buyers that are looking for a work/live space because they are artists who work from home? The more details you give the more interesting the story becomes and the more you give your audience a chance to connect with you. The next time you create a marketing piece, ditch the headline and think of the story you can tell.


Blogs are an amazing way to add value and authority to your personal brand. As a realtor, you have so much information to share and it can be tempting to completely ignore this blog thing because let’s be honest, most of the articles have been written, most of the information can be easily googled and the list of limiting beliefs goes on and on. But the truth is, that article about why you should use a realtor to sell your home, hasn’t been written by YOU. You’re take on it, your personal spin, with your unique personality. When potential clients land on your blog and see a blog infused with your personality they are more likely to connect with you and want to engage. Also, there is nothing in the Real Estate Rule book that says you cant round out your blog with personal posts, interior decorating posts or life hacks! It’s your blog and your opportunity to step out from behind the real estate curtain and let yourself shine.


show your audience just how valuable your content is. Instead of constantly sharing market updates, sold listings, and inventory … try adding value. Meet your audience where they are at. What do they need from you right now that they may not want to ask you for? What can you give them to build the know, like and trust factor? Adding value is the fasting way to build trust and to position yourself as an expert in the real estate world. Remember this key piece of marketing advice…. every marketing piece doesn’t have to serve everyone, but everything you put out should serve someone.


Freebies are a great way to add value for potential clients and the key way to build your list. If you’re still sending emails to your past clients and only your past clients, you need to step it up sis! Do you have a moving checklist, a home update checklist, a workbook for first-time buyers? Head over to Canva, make it pretty and then set up an opt-in on your website, advertise it on social media and put it up on Pinterest. Building your email list is a great way to get that engagement going!

Hate email list building? Try Flodesk for 50% off! (it’s what we use and will never look back!)


Do you constantly find yourself saying things “ I wish people would just understand that…” The ends of those sentences make for great podcast episodes and a great way to build authority and trust in your real estate business. “ I wish my clients would just understand that all of that commission doesn’t go into my pocket” can become an episode entitled “ Where does all the commission go?” The possibilities are endless and adding value with a podcast is a great way to get people engaging with you and your content.


There is no doubt that Youtube has become one of the most popular platforms and with good reason. People are visual. We love to connect with our fellow humans (and check out funny cat videos) Making Videos to help your clients navigate the world of real estate is great, but you don’t have to stop there, behind the scenes, a glimpse into your real life, morning routines, favourite recipes … the sky is the limit when it comes to what content you share, and each video is an opportunity to showcase your personality and connect with other humans. If youtube isn’t your thing you can try Tiktok or Instagram Stories or Reels. The point is to show the real you, so people can get to know who you are. You’ve got this!


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