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3 Ways to Use Fourth Street CMA Templates

Here at Fourth Street Creative, our mission is to create multipurpose tools that help you communicate your professionalism and personality to your clients. That’s right – you can purchase once and benefit many times over with just a bit of creativity (like, a teeny tiny bit!). Here’s 3 different ways you can use a Fourth Street CMA template in your business

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You don’t need a design background or a ton of spare time to become a successful DIY marketer – in fact, it may just be the best thing you ever did for your biz! Here’s why DIY marketing might be the right choice for you…

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We all have days where social media feels more like a chore than a fun way to connect with our friends, family, and audience. And on those days it can be oh so easy to forget that consistency is what breeds success on Instagram. The more consistent we are the better our results, and while it might not be crucial to post every single day (depending on which expert you’re listening to these days) we do know dropping the ball can mean fewer followers, less trust-building with your audience and potential clients and of course less opportunity to get your messaging and brand out there. SO, what’s a realtor to do on those lazy days when you just don’t feel like posting? 

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The Kensington Business Bundle is perfect for anyone who wants to up-level their business resources while creating a modern, consistent and cohesive look.

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For years, we have been told by realtors that branding costs were too expensive, new realtors didn’t have the budget for a full brand build out that can cost anywhere from $1000-$5000 dollars. While some seasoned realtors were fine with the price tag, they weren’t sure about the process and wanted and wanted more control over the design. We created pre-made brands that are editable in Canva to solve this problem. 

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Here’s the issue that most realtors face with social media- who has the time to create a cohesive, perfectly laid-out feed? Or who has the know-how to create stunning designs in Canva? Enter templates. Templates, specifically Canva templates, can expose to you the perfectly curated world of beautiful done-for-you posts and stories.

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