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So I did it! The queen of DIY ditched the DIY for a day and hired a professional photographer to take a bunch of brand photos! And you know what I LOVED the results! Except for one small wardrobe malfunction which includes wearing a shirt that was way more see-through than I had originally thought (seriously the number of times I’ve worn this shirt and had NO idea) oh the shame!

But it’s all good, not going to stress about it, instead, I’m going to use this photo to give you some insight into how you can create more consistency in on your Instagram feed and in your marketing all around. Ready? 


Here is the Fourth Street Colour Palette, 

Here’s a photo from the shoot: 


Notice anything? That shirt was intentionally chosen because it matches a colour in my palette. That way when I post to my feed it’s not a total mismatch! 

It can be a lot easier to create a little consistency in your marketing with a little legwork and planning upfront.

So how can you use brand imagery to make your marketing better?

Here are my best brand imagery tips to creating a more cohesive feed you can start implementing today: 




Always incorporate your brand colours in your snaps. This can be nail polish, jewellery, clothing, decor or accessories. Have a killer photo you want to share that doesn’t match your palette? No worries just bring it into Canva and overlay it on a background with your brand colour and then reduce the transparency of your snap to 90%. Works like a charm!



Head to and search for stock imagery using your brand colours. To do this search for your subject (ie interior design) plus colour in your palette (ie brown), Then create a collection of “on-brand” photos for your feed. 



Consider the “vibe” Is your brand style modern and minimal? Make sure to snap photos in bright, well-lit places. Moodier? Have a friend take a photo of you in front of windows that cast interesting shadows or in darker rooms. Find stock imagery that represents not only the colour of your brand but the vibe as well. 

Imagery is such a huge and important part of your branding, It is so worth it to spend a little extra time curating a really powerful collection of on-brand images. 

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