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The Fourth Street Brand Style Hat Instagram Strategy






So first of all what are brand-style hats? I came up with the term When I realized that I was wearing different hats in my business and needed to connect with my audience in a variety of different ways. I had aspects of my business like marketing, teaching, products and services and I knew I had to figure out a strategy or system to create a more effective way of connecting with my audience without letting the ball drop on any given category. So, Brand Style Hats were born as a way to keep me accountable and to make sure that I was using a variety of connection points to get my audience to know, like, and trust me.  Today I’m going to show you how I use the Fourth Street Brand Style Hats to keep things fresh and circulating in style on Instagram and how you can steal these brand style categories to make sure your real estate feed is on ever-fresh 24/7. 


This is the hat I wear when I want to scream from the rooftops about a new freebie or offer I have for my audience. Think added value without the price tag. The Bragger loves to give things away and loves to brag about the things they are giving away. If you have a free offer, a newsletter, or some other no-pay content this is the hat you want to wear when you are talking about it on Instagram. Objective: To build your e-mail list.


This is the hat I wear when I have something to share like tips, tools or strategies that I know my audience would benefit from. I wear this hat when I’m playing the role of a teacher, or educator – someone who has your best interest at heart and is meeting you right where you are at, no judgement …just help. If you have tips or tricks or questions that you get asked all of the time, The Brain is the hat you want to wear when answering them or creating content. Objective: To build trust.


“THE” Boss, I like to say it with a little flair because when I wear this hat I’m approaching my posts like the superstar owner of a company. The content I share when I’m wearing this hat is showing social proof that I am the ONLY person you want to work with. Think testimonials, you in action, on a stage, or working with clients. Objective: To build authority.


The business hat is where I get to talk about my business offer, service or product. And sometimes all three. I love to wear this hat because it’s when I get to put my paid offers out into the world. You want to wear this hat when you have a listing to advertise or services you want to sell to your audience.  Objective: To sell your product (AKA Listings) or services.


My absolute favourite hat to wear! I get to show up as my authentic self and talk to my audience like I’m their Best friend forever! Wear this hat to share family moments, intimate looks into your life, pull back the curtain and show who you are and talk about the real you behind real estate.  Objective: To build connection.

Now that you have all of these categories what do you do with them? I like to circulate through them each week. One day you can be the BFF, the next the Business, the next the Brain and so on. rotating through the Fourth Street Creative Brand Hats will give your audience a little taste of who you are and what you offer and keep things hella fresh on your grid! 

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