How to Create and Deliver Your First Lead Magnet






Let’s talk lead magnets, my friend! I am absolutely obsessed with them, and here’s why—it’s all about VALUE. I mean, who doesn’t love giving and receiving free value? But here’s the kicker, not all lead magnets out there are helpful or valuable. That’s why we’re here to change the game with your very own, top-notch lead magnet! 

Picture this: you’re eager to connect with your dream clients, to build that strong bond, and open the doors to communication. But how do you entice them to share their contact info with you? Enter the lead magnet! These little gems act like magnets, attracting potential clients with something truly valuable in exchange for their details. It’s a win-win situation—your clients get amazing content, and you get to showcase your expertise and generosity. And guess what? They’ll be thinking, “If this is what they offer for free, imagine how incredible working with them will be!” 


Step One – Choose your lead magnet

Let’s dive into three fantastic lead magnet ideas that will leave your audience craving more:

  1. Checklists: The ultimate home buyer checklist, finding the perfect neighbourhood checklist, The agent interview checklist.
  2. Guides: Seller guide, buyer guide, neighbourhood guide.
  3. Webinars: “How to buy/sell a home in this neighbourhood in this market,” “Monthly market update for [neighbourhood],” “Five ways to buy your first home.”

Oh, and if this is your first lead magnet rodeo, start simple with a checklist or guide. Whip up something awesome in Canva and test the waters before diving into more intricate options.


Step Two – Time to bring your lead magnet to life! 

Canva makes it a breeze. Pick a template that suits your goal (search “Checklist” or “Guide”), add your content, and sprinkle in eye-catching visuals.

Don’t forget to infuse your branding elements—colors, logos, and fonts—to create a pro look. With Canva’s magic, your stunning lead magnet will be ready to capture leads in no time!


Step Three – Deliver your lead magnet 

Alright, your lead magnet is locked and loaded! Time to deliver it to your eager audience. Set up an opt-in page and use an EMP (Email Marketing Provider) to automate the delivery process. We adore Flodesk, it’s like a dream for lead magnets! You can try it free for 30 days or go for the popular alternative, Mailchimp, which offers a generous free tier.

Step Four – Promote! 

But wait, don’t stop there! Promote, promote, promote! Shout about your lead magnet from the rooftops. Share it once a week on social media, add links throughout your website, including your blog, and mention it in person whenever it fits. Video is a gem for getting more sign-ups; jump on IG stories and let your energy do the talking!

Jump right into the goods and become a member of The Marque Collective – our monthly membership for realtors who want marketing, branding and design support in the form of templates, tools, and trainings.  That’s how we roll in the MC!

That’s it, friend! You’re officially equipped to create your first lead magnet, attract quality leads, and build valuable client relationships. Happy attracting!

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