With 2021 nearly in the rear-view mirror (say what?!), I want to share something I do at the end of every. single. year: a year-end review! As kick-ass entrepreneurs (I’m talking to all you Realtors out there!), we don’t have a boss to keep us accountable, so it’s up to us to assess how our businesses grew – or didn’t – and WHY. We have to take the time now to reflect on the past 12 months, so we can hit the ground running on January 1st and start the new year off on the right foot (even if our diet has already succumbed to that oh-so-irresistible leftover pie!). This deep dive into your business will help you get organized and help you figure out how you’re going to tackle your marketing and branding moving forward.

1 | What worked?

What got your audience lit up?! Reflect on what REALLY worked for your business in 2021. What were you excited about trying that really took off? (Maybe you got out of your comfort zone with Reels or built a fresh following through TikTok!) Make a list of all things marketing that really worked well, like using DIY templates, farming, or being more consistent with your social media plan

2 | What DIDN’T work?

What bored your audience or just fell flat? Love note: This is NOT an opportunity to feel bad about yourself!! Sometimes things don’t work – it’s an inevitable part of running a business that we ALL encounter. Make a second list of what didn’t work AND the reasons they didn’t (this will be useful for #4…). 

3 | What do you want to continue to do, and what do you want to try next year?

What’s on your branding bucket list?! You may not have the bandwidth or budget to try EVERYTHING so pick 3 big goals MAX, then break them down into smaller quarterly projects (or whichever benchmark works best for you). If you don’t have any branding right now, maybe that’s where you start! The point is, make a game plan that will set you up for success – or at least move the needle. Business guru Marie Forleo starts every team meeting with “Wouldn’t it be cool if …” We LOVE that because it encourages big, powerful ideas! For example, maybe you think, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could create my own social media marketing instead of outsourcing it?”Jot down your “wouldn’t it be cool if …” and then create the steps. 

4 | What tweaks or changes can you make, and what do you need to drop completely?

Are the things that didn’t work worth improving or should you drop them altogether and put your focus elsewhere? Maybe you finally implemented a social media plan, but your engagement wasn’t great. You might notice the posts that did well vs. the ones that didn’t and tweak accordingly! Basically: Don’t necessarily drop things that aren’t perfect but have potential. (Kinda like that fixer-upper listing with the original hardwood floors…)

Ask yourself these 4 questions and we practically guarantee your January 2022 will be better than January 2021 (and no, we’re not referencing worldwide pandemics!). Not sure where to start? Join our Facebook group, The Design Den for a little extra DIY design hand-holding!

Happy New Year – we can’t wait to see you (looking even more fabulous) on the other side!

Looking to uplevel your marketing game in 2022? Join our Facebook group “The Design Den” to be part of a like-minded community of kick-ass Realtors, benefit from collaborative feedback on your designs, and get exclusive tips and tricks from our team!

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