We’ve all been there. We put together a post that we think is gonna rock someone’s world, and then…crickets. What generally follows is a series of questions.  We question the algorithm, we question our content, we question how we’re representing our brand on social media, and finally, we question whether or not we need social media for our business at all or if we should just throw in the towel and call it a day.. If you are at this point in the game, then it might be time to consider an Instagram reboot.  A reboot is a deep dive into what your problems on the ‘gram are and then creating a new strategy and or look to help breath new life into your feed.  A reboot can be a great way to refresh, reorganize and attack your content and your messaging in a new way to connect with people more effectively on Instagram. So here are three questions you can ask yourself to know if an Instagram reboot is in your future. 


I want you to be really honest here and ask yourself the question: would I follow my own feed. Take a good look at your feed, specifically the last nine posts (which are what most people pay attention to when they land on your profile). Without reading the captions, would you want to follow your own feed? How are the photos, the colours, the tone and the imagery? Are you connecting with what’s there? Does it look like an accurate representation of the best of the best of what your brand offers? If the answer is no, then most likely, you need a visual reboot. 



Do you use the insight tool on Instagram? If you are a business page you can head over to insights and take a good look at how you are performing on Instagram. If you’re not getting the engagement you want (realistically), whether that’s 100 or 1000 or two comments or likes or saves or DMS, whatever that looks like for you if you’re not getting what you want, then it’s time to investigate why and then consider a reboot. 



If you’re looking to change things up in your brand then you need to ask yourself if what you’ve been currently doing will serve the direction of your new brand? Is your messaging going to change? Are you looking at a new visual strategy? If it’s not going to serve your new vision, values or mission then you’ll probably need to reboot your social media look and strategy. 


Need a little help with the nitty-gritty details? Join Fourth Street Coaching for a little brand and Instagram guidance.



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