Newsflash – as a Realtor, you’re a personal brand! Meaning, people want to work with you because of who you are, not just because of the brokerage you’re a part of or the services you offer. Potential clients want to connect with you and see if you’re the right fit to guide them through the home buying or selling process.

As a personal brand, you get to incorporate a lot of who you are into your business. This is oh so important in real estate because creating a strong personal brand will help you differentiate yourself from the competition! Here’s how to get started on identifying your own personal brand.

1. Get To know Yourself Better

Easier said than done, I know! Don’t be afraid to ask for help with this. Try asking 5 people who know you best what makes you different and unique. What’s your superpower?! I promise you’ll be blown away by their answers and once you have them, that’s what you can lead with.

2. Know Your Audience

Most Realtors have a really difficult time defining their audience because they want to cast a wide net so they don’t “miss out” on any business. (The FOMO is real for Realtors!) The problem is…this can result in a diluted brand. By trying to speak to everyone, you end up speaking to no one! Get specific on who you want to help and serve. This can be a personality type, a demographic, a shared value, or even based on that one favourite client of yours! You know the one. Narrowing this down will help you clarify your messaging and make your marketing that much more effective.

3. Develop Your Story

We all have a story, and we need to share it so that people get to know who we are and connect with us on a personal, human level. Take some time to write out your origin story (i.e., how you got into real estate) and any struggles you’ve overcome. Being open about this will help your audience relate to you. And when you share you story, you automatically differentiate yourself because you (and your story) are unique!

4. Embrace Consistency

It’s difficult for your audience to connect with you if you’re constantly changing the look of your marketing. Trying new colours is tempting, but it confuses your audience! The biggest, most successful brands know to stay true to their core look, even if it evolves over time. When it comes to your visuals (and your brand voice), consistency wins every darn day because it builds trust.

Pro tip: If you’re having a hard time nailing down your brand style, take our quick brand style quiz!

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