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It sounds cheesy, ridiculous, and completely juvenile (I mean, is this the title of a CosmoGirl quiz or what?), but when we’re deep diving into what makes your brand unique, this exercise is one of the most popular and FUN ones to try. Especially if you’re feeling stuck and unsure about what your brand is or how your messaging should sound.

Taking a step back from the nitty gritty of defining your brand and looking at the overarching tone is a great way to get some brand clarity. And your celebrity ambassador is there to embody what your brand/company is all about.

Let’s start with who our brand ambassador is at Fourth Street Creative. I’ve gone back and forth with this one a few times but always land on Jennifer Lawrence meets James Bond…Sean Connery edition. We’re overachievers who love all things breathtakingly beautiful (aka the Bond Girls of the 60s). We REALLY dig sophisticated design (take a peek at our template shop if you haven’t already), but we also love keeping things super chill (poolside mocktails while working on new shop templates? Yes please!) We’ll never pressure you into something you aren’t ready for and love cheering you on as if we were long-time BFFs…a la Jennifer Lawrence and her crew!

We like to think Fourth Street is a mix of sophisticated design and laid-back style with a sprinkle of ride-or-die bit*h on top! (It’s not incredibly specific or anything… *wink*) We love design, but we also want you to succeed. We have dance parties EVERY TIME a client emails a success story.

Ok, your turn!

Think of who you are when you’re doing what you do best. Are you a down-to-earth hippy chick/fella who loves keeping it real with your clients? Your brand ambassador could be Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Kate Hudson, or Chris Pratt.

Or are you more into elegance and sophistication, like Michelle Obama, Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Portman, or George Clooney?

Maybe you ooze confidence and charm and always show up as your capable self, like Reece Witherspoon, Michelle Obama (she’s oh so many things, am I right?), and Meryl Streep or  Will Smith.

Is funny, colourful, and offbeat more your jam? You might turn to Catherine O’Hara, Maya Rudolph, RuPaul, or Mindy Kaling for inspiration.

Do you see how powerful this exercise can be? Identifying your brand ambassador can really give you an overview of your brand and make it more real, which gives you clarity when it comes to your designs and messaging.

So! Your homework is super simple and dare I say oh so much fun! Grab a pen and paper, find a comfy cozy seat, and brainstorm what your brand looks like as a human. Think about how you communicate, what sets you apart from other Realtors, and how you ENJOY doing business. Then, try to think of celebs that fit the bill. Or you could reverse the process. Start by thinking of the celebs that most tickle your fancy and jot down their characteristics you admire. Usually, you’ll find things in them that represent what your brand already is OR where you secretly wish it was.

Once you have your list narrowed down, start going through scenarios in your head. Like: “What would George Clooney look like as a brochure for this home?” I’m guessing you just saw a super streamlined and sophisticated, minimal meets classic design filled with white space, serif fonts, and the perfect blend of images and info that doesn’t overwhelm the page. (I’m drooling…how about you?) Or how would George talk about this house? He would probably stay away from anything even remotely close to: “You‘re gonna wanna see this place! 3 beds, 4 baths, and a total envy-worthy kitchen, perfect for whipping up family din dins!” (George would NEVER!) Instead, lean towards something more like: “Walking into this 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom stunner, you’re immediately drawn to the immaculate finishes and unparalleled attention-to-detail at every turn…” (I mean I just heard Georgie’s voice reading that in my head, and I smell a sale coming on…)

Locking down your brand ambassador means you now have a standard to always test your marketing against. And that’s a Very Big Deal when it comes to removing the overwhelm that comes with trying to figure out every nitty gritty marketing message or brand visual.

Your turn! Share your celebrity ambassador in the comments or drop me an email. I’m dying to know who it is!

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