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I totally get it. It’s so tempting to take the easy route and cut and paste your brokerage’s latest blog post just to check that dreaded “write a blog post” task off your to-do list. But here’s the thing: you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to build an extraordinary brand that gets your audience pumped up and returning for more.

Let’s be real; sharing content that anyone can find with a quick Google search won’t make you shine in the crowded real estate world. Your audience craves something special—they want your authentic opinions and insights. If they can find something on their own, it’s just not good enough, plain and simple. It’s time to level up and deliver content that truly matters and is exclusive to you. So, here’s the lowdown on how to make it happen:

No. 01
Use What’s Currently Trending as Your Launchpad

Take a peek at what’s buzzing in your area or the real estate scene at large. Then ask yourself, “What’s my take on this?” and “What do I want my awesome audience to know about this topic?” You’ll instantly create content that resonates like a boss by approaching your blog posts or social media content with a burning desire to share your unique perspective and serve your audience. Don’t be shy about expressing your opinions on topics close to your heart. That’s what building a killer brand is all about—sharing your distinct insights and experiences to forge a personal connection that sets you apart from the masses.

No. 02
Zoom in on Your Client’s Pain Points

When you dive headfirst into your audience’s current struggles, you unlock a treasure trove of content ideas. What keeps them tossing and turning at night? What are their biggest concerns and deepest desires? Now, hold up—don’t settle for surface-level stuff like “They want to know how to buy a home” and then churn out a post on the five steps to buying a home. That’s just throwing yourself into a sea of sameness, my friend. Instead, let’s dig deeper. Maybe they don’t even know where to begin saving for a home or are not ready to buy right now but will be in a couple of years. Meeting your future clients where they’re at, understanding their current situation, and offering guidance will help build trust in your expertise over time.


No. 03
Unleash Your Inner Storyteller

Want to know a HUGE content secret? Your clients are a treasure trove of content inspiration. When you seal a home sale deal or help a buyer find their dream abode, shout it from the digital rooftops. Paint a vivid picture of how the stars aligned, how the house was discovered, the challenges faced, the victories celebrated, and the sheer joy of closing that sweet deal. 

And here’s a pro tip: video testimonials are pure magic. I once had a client asking her clients for video testimonials with a 100% “Of course, I’ll do that for you” response rate. Her trick? Knowing the perfect time to ask? Which, of course, is when they’re beaming with happiness—right after their offer gets accepted or when they realize they’re selling their home for a whopping 10% more than expected. Once you have their consent, write about their story on your blog and make sure to include that testimonial video for extra oomph.

Now, let’s address those untold stories. Fear not if you’ve got a stack of tales to share but didn’t have the guts (or the opportunity) to ask for testimonials. Write those dang blog posts anyway! Change the names, throw in some stock photos that capture the essence of the story, and let your words transport potential clients into a world where they can see themselves on this incredible journey. Help them understand what it’s like to work with you and make them believe in the magic of buying or selling a home.

So, my fellow real estate enthusiast, infuse your content with your unique perspective, tackle your audience’s pain points head-on, and master the art of storytelling. Doing so creates a bright brand and attracts your ideal audience to your captivating web of remarkable, mind-blowing content. Get out there and rock it like the superstar you are!

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  1. Bridget says:

    This is gold Melanie!

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  1. Bridget says:

    This is gold Melanie!