Are you using your listings to market yourself or just the property you have listed? Listings are not only the bread and butter of most realtors business’ they are a great way to show off your marketing skills to attract even more buyers and sellers into your repertoire. With more and more marketing materials switching over to the digital realm, it’s time to get clear on all the things you can do to impress your clients and potential clients with your marketing prowess. Here are 4 things you can do to level-up your marketing efforts for your next listing. Here we go!


iGuide and Matterport are a couple of options that really bring your home to life online. With users being able to virtually walk through the home with full non-restricted 360 views there is nothing more similar to physically walking through the home than a 360 Tour.  This is not to be confused with a virtual tour that is essentially photos turned into a video slideshow. 360 tours give buyers the chance to explore the home by clicking through each room as they virtually wander through the house. My favourite element of 360 tours is their ability to sell homes from afar. Buyers who couldn’t otherwise visit the home can view it fully and make an educated decision as easily as if they had seen the home in person. I’ve known quite a few realtors who have sold their listings exclusively with 360 tours to remote and overseas buyers. It’s definitely an amazing tool to help sell your listing but it’s also an asset to your marketing toolbox.


I’ve heard a lot of agents asking what the point of a nice feature sheet is and it always breaks my heart a bit because it’s like saying what’s the point of a beautiful menu at a five-star restaurant or what’s the point of every and any magazine on the market. The point is to showcase your listing in style while also showcasing your brand. Having a beautiful digital feature sheet (one that you send to clients and realtors in PDF form) is a way to make the home shine even brighter than just sending an MLS listing sheet.  If you aren’t using branded feature sheets then you are missing one of the most cost-effective ways to showcase your brand and to show off the calibre of marketing your clients receive. Branded feature sheets are an amazing way to advertise yourself while also advertising your listing. Even if you don’t want to spend the money on printing them, you can use templated designs that are easy-to-edit in Canva.  You can even add live links to brochures that your potential buyers can click through, in essence becoming a document that includes everything they would need to make an informed decision. Templates are definitely an amazing tool to level-up your marketing and you can find a huge selection of them HERE.


Video is an amazing way to showcase different rooms on a more personal level on social media. You can have fun with these and show yourself enjoying various aspects of the home (think, making coffee in the kitchen, relaxing in the living room, sitting poolside etc.).  These short and sweet videos will not only help emphasize the beauty of your listing but will also act as a way for your audience to get to know you better as well. A great tip is to pretend like you are talking to your best bud while making these, so you don’t come across as salesy. Instead of saying something like, “Welcome to the kitchen in 123 my listing. This open concept gem is perfect for morning breakfast with the family…” you might want to try something like “Hey guys! I just wanted to quickly show you this amazing feature in the kitchen of my new listing. When I first saw it I was floored and thought woah, I would kill for one of these!”

With videos, the sky is the limit, you can have fun with behind-the-scenes, before and after, coming soon and of course, you can do area interviews or walkthroughs to showcase the amazing neighbourhood.



Speaking of neighbourhoods… if you aren’t using on your property websites or giving potential buyers an opportunity to really explore the area then you are missing a key way to sell your listings! Walkscore allows buyers to explore any neighbourhood around the world and gives real-time updates on how the public transit is, how bikable an area is and how easy it is to run errands on foot.  How many of your clients have wanted to know more about the area before purchasing a home? If you know they want to know more then there is no better way than with a link on your website. Walkscore does offer an embed option but you can also just include a link to explore more.


There you have it, 4 ways to keep it digital and still showcase your listing and your brand in style. Did I miss something? Let me know how you market your listings below.



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