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Create a Video Mockup for your Lead Magnet

“Hey, how do you create those amazing FB ads I see all the time?” This question lands in our DMs at least once a week. It’s usually followed up with: “I love your mockups and am dying to create something similar for my real estate biz.” So of course we thought it was high time to create a tutorial showing you exactly how we put together the stellar mockups we use in our FB ads.

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If you haven’t tried Canva yet, prepare to have your mind BLOWN and grease the tracks ‘cause the wheels in your head will start turning thinking about all the ways you can use Canva to up-level your marketing (without blowing the budget on a bunch of fancy programs or a designer!). In this quick video, I’ll walk you through the basics of Canva by showing you how to create your very first Instagram post.

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Branded posts are crucial to building brand recognition and having your audience instantly recognize your content when it pops up on their Instagram feed. In this video, we show you 4 types of branded posts you need to have in rotation – all of which are totally underused, in our opinion!

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The carousel post format works brilliantly for stats, tips, and other content that paints you as the expert in your field AND adds value for the viewer. This is the type of content your followers are most likely to save and share. Instagram favours carousel posts because it knows they result in more engagement – and you should too! This tutorial will show you just how easy it is to DIY your first carousel post for Instagram right in Canva.

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Trying to navigate your designs in Canva can be tricky if you weren’t trained in design. I mean seriously trying to figure out things like layout and composition, proximity, how to use colours and fonts is not a struggle you signed up for, am I right? Having worked closely with thousands of clients, I understand the struggle which is why I decided to put together these Canva tips for you, these are things that I do while designing and if you adopt them as well I can guarantee your designs will look stellar every time!

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Are you still on the fence about Canva? If so, then consider this your gentle nudge in the Canva direction because you are seriously missing out if you’re not using Canva for your real estate business. Canva is the perfect place to create designs that you would normally have to spend on a designer, and you get to do them for free in Canva easily and effortlessly. If you still need a little convincing I’ve put together a list of my top five ways you can be using Canva for your real estate business right now. If you want to kick your visuals up ten notches then read on.

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Are you still relying on MLS sheets and a charming smile to sell yourself to potential clients?  In today’s visually enriched and tech-based world the savvy seller can jump on Instagram and know exactly what your colleagues are offering, so how do you compete?

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Whether you love or hate them, there is one thing that will always be true. Fonts play a major role in how your brand communicates with the world. Every font has a personality or mood and conveys a particular message just with its tone. So, in an effort to help guide you on your DIY journey, we’ve compiled a list of 24 Canva font pairings broken up into our 6 brand profiles as well as some general guidelines to follow.

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Ever feel stuck when you’re using Canva? Feel like there must be an easier way to search free images, move items around, or even get a new text box to appear without having to search for it? We fancy ourselves quite the Canva experts and have compiled a list of hacks and workarounds to help you along your design journey.

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Not a graphic designer? Can’t afford one? More of a DIY’er and want to design your own killer visual identity? Whatever your reason or skill level, Canva is THE design tool you’ll love getting to know this year.

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