One of the hardest things about social media is figuring out what to post and what to say about what you post. You try to post relevant content, “hey I’m a realtor, look at me, choose me” only to get little to no engagement or followers that don’t really care about your posts. I see this all the time in realtor feeds – tons of photos displaying pretty homes, testimonials, and market stats, and little to zero posts that show interesting stories or images that help to define your brand – spoiler alert – your brand is more than what you do, it’s what feeling you evoke from others through your marketing and persona.  So how do you create compelling visual content and translate captions to clients? Shift your strategy with these five steps. 

one | Put YOU in your feed   

This one is so hard for so many realtors, but the truth is people buy from people, especially in service-based industries. So if you’re not in the top nine of your grid, you’re pretty much missing out on a massive engagement opportunity. Without seeing you in your feed, your audience has no idea who they are supposed to connect to, and without connection, they are that much less likely to hire you to sell their home.  Snap a photo of yourself and introduce yourself to your audience. You’d be surprised how much the people who are following you would love to hear more about who you are, and what makes you tick. 

two | Showcase behind the scenes goodies 

Showing pretty homes, perfectly staged rooms, and professional photos are great, people love pretty photos, but if you want to kick your feed up a level, show more. No not more “pretty” pictures, show the interesting behind the scenes stuff, the homes before they were staged, the story behind the sale, the special sauce that made the current buyers want to live in the home they’re selling now. Post pics of the current family enjoying their home (with permission of course), give a behind the scenes snap of the staging process, show the before of a perfectly painted room, transformations are huge on IG and this is a great way to get your audience more interested in your selling process. 


three | Display your expertise outside of real estate  

Your brand is more than how many homes you sold last year. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your brand is more than what you do for a living. In order to foster a connection with people, you have to show that you’re a person. This means posting personal photos of yourself, your family, or something you’re passionate about outside of real estate. Are you a master chef? Do you rock the soccer field? Do you play a musical instrument for fun? What is your expertise outside of real estate, share a pic of you doing what you love to do in your spare time, and watch your engagement rise. Your audience will love to connect with who you are. Connection is what makes us human, and what makes us buy! 


four | Consistency is Key

Trying to post off the cuff can be hard, time-consuming and can make you want to pull your hair out and give up. But what if all you needed was a shift in thinking? I urge you to start thinking of social media as part of your job and not just an allusive place to randomly post images of homes for sale. Start to think of it as a place to connect, network, and foster relationships and you’ll start to see amazing results. The first step in this process is to set time aside each and every day (yes every day) to post, engage, and respond on social media. Consistency is absolutely essential in fostering relationships on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So set twenty minutes a day aside (I’m a post with my morning coffee kinda gal) and start to see the engagement flow. 

Still not sure what to post? Need a little help creating captivating content?

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