There are so many opinions floating around about millennials these days – from being too lazy and entitled to being too reliant on social media and technology, the reviews are in and millennials have gotten the short end of the rep stick. The truth is you have a lot to offer, you’re social media savvy, understand this brave new world in which we live and can leverage things like video and vlogging which come more naturally to you than your older realtor counterparts. But If you want to compete with agents who have 15 plus years of experience to their credit, with killer negotiating skills and a client list longer than your social following you’re going to have to create a strategy that puts you front and centre and we’re going to show the best strategies to do just that.


If you’re just starting out, a great place to begin is in a team, or with a mentor. Find someone who has a proven track record, happy clients, and loves being a realtor. Don’t disregard their techniques and methods just because they don’t know what TikTok is, learn from them and listen to everything they have to say – and then, figure out a way to incorporate their techniques into your post-TikTok world – whether that means vlogging about current market trends or showcasing your new wisdom on social media, learn from the best and then make it your own.


When you’re a newbie it can be tempting to cast a wide net to attract anyone and everyone, but if you start out with a clear idea of who you want to work with and why, your messaging will reach more people who will want exactly what you have to offer and less of the not-so-great clients who leave you wondering why you even chose this career to begin with. So where do you start when it comes to defining your “people”? Figure out who you want to help, why you want to help them and how you are going to help them. You might absolutely love working with single millennial women who are career-driven and want to invest in real estate while building their careers. You might love helping them find the perfect investment for their wealth portfolio, and you might have an uncanny ability to spot the perfect investment property for them. Defining your ideal client in this way doesn’t mean you won’t or can’t work with anyone else, but speaking to this one demographic increases your chances of attracting exactly those women who you would love to work with, which means more fun and fewer headaches.


Isn’t it great that you grew up with social media so now you’re a total pro and have one leg up on all those older agents? Maybe, but not so fast social media superstar, it’s probably a good idea to head back in time and delete posts that might not paint you in the most flattering light. Doing a social sweep is always a good idea when you want to project a professional image, you don’t have to go crazy and delete every photo, after all, you want your clients to see your fun side, but maybe delete that photo of you doing shots in Cancun out of your best friend’s belly button.


When you’re a new agent, it’s totally normal to feel like you need to sell yourself to succeed, but the real secret sauce is to sell authentically. Show your audience that you genuinely care, and want to help solve their problems, treat each question that comes your way as an opportunity to help another human being, each comment on IG as an opportunity to build a relationship and each email that lands in your inbox and a reason to connect. In other words: sell less, help more.


The best thing about you is … you! And the best part about being a millennial is your ability to showcase yourself with confidence, after all, you’ve probably been at it since you were just out of diapers! These days people want real, they want authentic and our BS meter has really become super fine-tuned. Which means we can smell inauthentic humans from a mile away. So if your IG feed is currently filled with real estate fodder and nothing else – take a step back and ask yourself how you can connect with your ideal client more – show all facets of your personality, use social media to show different sides of you, send out flyers that showcase your unique brand of awesome ( I got one from an agent with her dog the other day and felt instantly connected to her), engage your potential clients with personal stories about your rock climbing, killer cupcakes or vintage decor obsession. The less you sell the more your audience will want to engage with you, and that my friend is what leads to authentic relationships which leads to happy clients!

Having trouble connecting with your audience as a realtor? Grab our 30 Post Ideas for Real Estate below

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