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What To Post When You Don’t Feel Like Posting

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I know you’ve been there. It’s 11 am and you realized that you haven’t posted to the ‘gram yet, have nothing planned and panic. Not to mention, you’re having one of those days where you’re doing all the things, and feel your life is so NOT Instagram worthy. On days like those, it’s nice to fall back on tried-and-true, easy-breezy posts that won’t take up too much time and still check off the consistency-is-key-box for Instagram. 


Whip out your phone and snap a drool-worthy pic of your lunch. If you’re someone who thinks that no one wants to see what you’re eating, I’m here waving at you and saying, I DO! It’s seriously a guilty-pleasure of mine. I love getting to know people better through the food pics they share, it’s fun and light and gives me great insight into who you are! So snap away and here is a pro tip: start snapping pics of your magazine-worthy food to use on your lazy-post days. You’ll thank me when you’re knee-deep in #momlife! 


I love quotes! I have a notes doc on my phone where I keep all the inspiring quotes that have actually changed my life or outlook and when I need something quick and snappy to post I draw on them to help inspire others the way they did me. I’m sure you’ve come across quotes that have just rocked your world, and that is reason enough to save them and share with your followers who might just need to hear those words of wisdom. 


Head over to Starbucks or your favourite coffee shop and snap a pic of your drink of choice and tell your followers why you love it! Seriously… that simple! I can’t believe how many people chimed in when I said my favourite drink was “an almond milk vanilla latte hold the foam”…


Start keeping a running album on your phone of amazing selfies of yourself at all times of the day, then on your lazy-post days you can whip one out and add a simple caption like “keep smiling friends…good things are coming” DONE! 


Who doesn’t love cute pictures of kiddies with their crazy/awkward smiles? Or pups all wet after bathtime? It’s a great way to add a little joy into your feed and connect with other parents and pet owners. Add a few relevant hashtags and you’re good to go! 


Previewing homes? Or showing a property? Snap a pic of the cross streets or neighbourhood and let people know what you are doing. It’s a great easy way to let your audience into the inner workings of your day and super simple to execute! #realtorlife 


This one can be used and reused over and over again. Post your logo to your feed with a call to action like “I’m waiting for your call” or your tagline. The beauty of posting your logo is it delivers instant brand recognition but also helps break up your grid in a branded way. Win-win! 


Head into Canva mobile and type out a question in your brand colours. You can ask personal questions or business-related questions, whatever you’re feeling at the moment. “What’s your Monday mood,” or “who else is feeling #momlife today?” “Are you a Starbucks of (your fav coffee shop) fan”. These are super easy to make and create instant engagement opportunities with very little effort on your part! 


Did you know that only 3-6% of your audience sees your content!? That’s great news for your lazy-day post because it means you can head back into the archives and repost something you did 4 -6 weeks ago and give it new life! Easy content without creating anything new? You’re welcome! 


Head over to (they have an app as well) and find a beautiful picture that fits the tone of your feed. Then ask a question, say hello or be real and let people in on your super tired/busy/sad/hectic day! 

Did I miss any amazing lazy-day post ideas? Share your best lazy-day hacks below, I’d love to hear them! 

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