I feel like the holidays are a time to connect on a fun, whimsical and more human level with your audience. Real estate generally takes some time off during this season as people are more family focussed and slowing down is a major trend. So why not take this opportunity to infuse your marketing with ways to show the more human side of your business and life? Take the holidays as an amazing opportunity to invite people into your life, the authenticity and crazy that is you! I personally love to see posts that are less polished and more real, it allows me to see the real deal behind the seemingly perfect, which is something we are all drawn to. So in an effort to add some authenticity to your holiday marketing I’ve come up with my favourite holiday real estate marketing ideas for Instagram.


I know a lot of realtors whose feeds look like one constant stream of real estate but as a personal brand (yes you are one!) you need to infuse your feed with a mix of both personal and professional in order to really create connections with your audience. So how do you do that? You can share your own holiday traditions, showcase your holiday decor, snap pics of your holiday parties or team meetings. And if you want to pump up the engagement with your audience you can ask them to share their own traditions and favourites. The holidays are the perfect time to get a little more intimate with your audience and more insight into your real life is exactly what they are looking for.


I love the idea of hosting a holiday decoration contest like the best-decorated home, or the best-decorated tree. It’s a really great way to get people engaged and interested in your content. Most people put up holiday decorations, and would love the opportunity to show them off, so take this as an opportunity to become part of a bigger community with your followers…and at the end of the day, it’s FUN! Which is what social media should ultimately be about…


This is a great time to jump on IG Live and show your audience some real behind the scenes of your real life. Bring them along for your cookie making, or share a peek at your decorating, give some tips or tricks for holiday decor or recipes, show examples of great curb appeal or interview some local businesses and what they offer in terms of holiday gifts. This is a great opportunity to add value without selling. This is a great way to just invite people in and add value without asking for anything in return. You are showing your audience that you are a wealth of information and not just a real estate machine.


This one might be a little different this year, but I would argue it’s probably even more needed. What are some really interesting and safe ways to engage with your city’s festivities this year? I would love some ideas on things I can do with my family especially this year, as we are so cooped up inside, what are some ways we can enjoy our beautiful city? Are their virtual events happening, drive-throughs, nature walks etc. Think of this as another opportunity to show your audience and potential clients just how well you know the city and how invested you are in them making holiday memories.


I love the idea of sharing tips and ideas for new homeowners or housewarming gifts. You can position yourself as the go-to for hostess gifts or create a gift guide that targets new homeowners. Your expertise as a real estate agent will come in handy here because you are the expert on what new homeowners would love to see in their stocking this year.

There you have it my best holiday marketing tips for realtors. I hope I helped to spark some ideas and if you were sparked make sure to leave a comment below.

Happy Holidays!




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