It’s time to talk about summer marketing.  Summer tends to be a slower time for the real estate market. People are spending more time with their kids, vacationing more and just enjoying the summer and sun, which makes it the perfect season to lean in and make your marketing count, setting up a foundation for future client relationships. What does this look like? Read on for our top tips for marketing your real estate business during the summer.


I’m willing to bet you have a list of potential clients somewhere that’s just waiting to be re-engaged. During the slower months of summer is the perfect time to reach out and reignite that spark with people who have already shown interest in buying or selling a home. You can drop off customized market reports, marketing brochures, pop-by gifts like coffee cards or other summer treats with relevant call-to-actions on them. This is also a great time to weed-out your email list. Take a look at your analytics and see which emails are getting bounce backs or strong unopened rates, and delete the subscribers who aren’t interested in hearing from you anymore, a strong list is better than a large list. 


Summer is an amazing time to offer potential clients a little somethin’ extra. Think free staging, or cover the cost of their move or the cost of having a room painted. If offering free services isn’t your thing, you might just want to engage with your farm area or social media followers with giveaways (like gift certificates to a local shop) or contests with fun wins like a trip to the zoo or other city attractions. Think of ways you can engage your audience that show your interests as well, if you’re an amateur home chef, create a contest where the winner gets a cooking lesson for two, that way you are connecting with people on your level, and attracting potential clients that share the same interests as you! That’s what we call a win-win! 


Studies show that more people are on their social media accounts during summer months. Why? More time waiting in lines, more time spent waiting for friends to show up on a local patio, killing time between appointments… whatever the reason, we know that people are scrolling more in the summer, which means you have more potential to get seen by them. Take a good hard look at what you’re posting on social and ask yourself if your content is on-brand, visually stunning, and offers a source of connection to potential clients. Are you showcasing your unique personality? Are you letting them see the real you? Are your graphics stunning and stop-the-scroll worthy? Summer is the perfect time to lighten up your feed and offer fun, catchy and relatable content that will foster engagement and begin to nurture relationships with your audience.  Need templates to help guide you? We’ve got them here.


What are your dream clients doing this summer? What do they need from you right now? Is it help to prep their home for the fall market? Or are they too busy engaging with family and are more interested in recipes and helpful articles on how to keep the kids entertained? Figuring out where your ideal client is, and what they need is a great way to engage with people you want to work with. Giving them value now will pay off later when they think of who they want to represent them when selling their home. Think of the summer as a time to lay the foundation for future deals. 


When was the last time you gave your brand assets and marketing material a good one over? If it’s been a while, say 2 or more years now might be a good time to just take a step back and really look at how your marketing is performing. Does your website look dated or have services you no longer offer? Do you need to update your blog, website, Facebook page with your latest accolades or awards? Do you have new testimonials that can be used in your social media or print marketing? How’s your logo looking? Does it need tweaking or refreshing? Summer is the perfect down-time to re-evaluate these things and get ready for the Fall market.  We have the perfect guide to make sure you are giving your brand an effective once over! 

Are you feeling more confident with where you should be spending your marketing efforts this summer? I hope you feel equipped with a plan of action that will take you from closed to captivating. You got this! 

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