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Do You Know Your Ideal Client?

Most realtors I’ve worked with think they know their ideal client, and their answer is always, always, always the same, “anyone who wants to buy or sell their home.” But “Everyone” can’t be your client, and when you cast too wide a net you end up not catching very many fish, or worse, you end up with fish who make you sick! Meredith Hill said it best when she said, “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” The biggest misconception I hear when it comes to realtors and ideal clients is that if you speak directly to one type, you’ll lose all the rest of potential home buyers and sellers who are agent hunting. First of all, let’s say goodbye to that scarcity mindset please, there’s enough to go around. Secondly, when you speak directly to your ideal client, you’re not only painting yourself as an expert for that “type” but also reaching their network, and appealing to types on the outskirts of who you are addressing. Speaking directly to one person has the potential to create a world of opportunity for you, far more than being all the things to all the people, which is impossible. So how do you find this elusive ideal client? Read on for top ways to do a deep dive and find out exactly who you should be focusing all your marketing efforts on.

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