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Create a Video Mockup for your Lead Magnet

“Hey, how do you create those amazing FB ads I see all the time?” This question lands in our DMs at least once a week. It’s usually followed up with: “I love your mockups and am dying to create something similar for my real estate biz.” So of course we thought it was high time to create a tutorial showing you exactly how we put together the stellar mockups we use in our FB ads.

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Without further ado here’s the rundown on how you can buy Fourth Street templates ONCE and use them over and over again in different ways…. Ready? I know I am!

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We’ve curated the dreamiest fonts for spring (so you don’t have to) and taken the guesswork out of the question on everyone’s minds: “How in the actual heck do I infuse a little spring beauty into my marketing?!” 

Without further ado, here are our favourite Canva fonts for spring!

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Posting consistently on Instagram (with a consistently branded aesthetic, naturally) doesn’t have to take hours or be the most dreaded task of your week. With the right tools in place, you can transform Instagram from a chore to a powerful tool for your business – one that helps convert potential clients by demonstrating your authority and professionalism (and, of course, your style!).

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Don’t get me wrong, the free version allows you to create killer designs, but the pro version kicks everything up a notch, and after being asked countless times by clients what the benefits of going pro are – we decided to put it all out there in a blog post. Read on for our favourite Canva pro features.

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So here’s the rundown, our templates are created in Canva and we make sure to use free features so you don’t need a pro account to get the most out of them. You can edit any and all elements of our designs right in Canva which means you can have killer social posts ready in minutes, and if you are a Canva Newb, don’t worry we got you boo! Every single one of our templates comes with its own video walkthrough so you’re never truly designing alone. 

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What if I told you creating eye-catching marketing pieces didn’t take more than a few minutes and you could create impressive and designer-worthy artwork for your listings in minutes using only a free online tool? Well, my friend today is your lucky day, If a designer isn’t in your budget and/or you have a DIY spirit and want to learn how to create awesome real estate marketing pieces in minutes for free in Canva, read on! 

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Ever wondered how you can create those cute real estate icons agents use in their social media and property marketing? I’m sure many have graphic designers to help create beautiful marketing pieces, but the good news is you can create them all by yourself, for free in Canva, and I’m going to show you how.

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Are you still relying on MLS sheets and a charming smile to sell yourself to potential clients?  In today’s visually enriched and tech-based world the savvy seller can jump on Instagram and know exactly what your colleagues are offering, so how do you compete?

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Whether you love or hate them, there is one thing that will always be true. Fonts play a major role in how your brand communicates with the world. Every font has a personality or mood and conveys a particular message just with its tone. So, in an effort to help guide you on your DIY journey, we’ve compiled a list of 24 Canva font pairings broken up into our 6 brand profiles as well as some general guidelines to follow.

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