sound familiar?

"I have no idea where to start!"

When you look at your Instagram feed does it make you cringe?!

Maybe you’re secretly wishing your feed could look more like that other Realtor’s - you know, the one whose feed is perfectly curated and just screams “hire me!”

I get it! Putting together posts that tell your unique brand story, attract your ideal clients AND have visual impact can be hard (like quitting sugar hard!)

If you constantly find yourself wanting to say sayonara to social media, or saying things like “why does this look so amateurish?!” after a design sesh in Canva,


"I'm so glad I came! This class was sooooo good, so many tangible tips I can start using now, thanks Melanie!"


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Take your Instagram posts from drab to drool-worthy

A one-hour masterclass filled with actionable steps to get your Instagram to where you KNOW it can be!

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My go-to trick for designing posts in 5-minutes or less!

Designer hacks to up-level your Instagram post designs in Canva

The biggest Real Estate design mistakes on Instagram - and how to avoid them!

What to focus on when curating your Instagram grid!

This is the year

You finally take control of your social media marketing.

Hi, I'm Melanie

Confession: I lied during a job interview so I could land a sweet gig as a marketing manager for a small boutique real estate office. Was it cheeky? Yes! But if I had to do it all over again, I totally would because that fib propelled me to where I am today: the proud owner and creative director of a successful design studio specializing in creating customizable templates for Realtors.

Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to helping Realtors create authentic personal brands (a tad droll coming from the girl who fudged her resume, eh?!) that represent their unique personalities and attract their ideal clients over and over again.

Whether you're a new Realtor just dipping your toe into branding or a seasoned agent who still hasn't "figured it out,” my FREE masterclass will give you totally tangible, easy-to-execute steps you can take to map out a doable social media strategy and majorly up-level your Instagram game (and your business).

Pick your date and time, show up ready to learn, and get ready to welcome in the dreamy clients!

well, hello there!

This masterclass is a must attend if:

You want your Instagram feed to represent your brand with a consistent, professional look. 

You know that social media is an important part of your business - but have no clue where to start!

You just can't seem to make your designs look good in Canva, and want to learn how to up-level your creations. 


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